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Maurits van Nierop Foundation

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21 Nov, 2012 | By ADMIN

Maurits van Nierop was a member of the Dutch National Cricket team and was an extremely gifted player. Not only did Maurits excel in cricket, he also mastered the game of field hockey very well.

Maurits van Nierop died in a tragic accident in Cape Town in September of 2008. To commemorate this extraordinary person and sportsman the “Maurits van Nierop Foundation” has been founded. It is our belief that every child has the right to play sports. This right has been settled in the Treaty for the rights of the child of the United Nations.

Maurits was a close friend of Ryan Maron and Ryan is very keen to ensure his legacy lives on in the city he loved. Maurits also had a passion for the township kids and for people less fortunate than him.
Sports are an important part in the development for each child. They gain more confidence, meet other children, exercise more, learn to how to handle rules and discipline and have to deal with winning and losing. Above all, sports are fun and good for you.

Unfortunately there are too many children in the world who do not have the possibilities to do sport. This is mostly due to a lack of facilities and lack of financial support. This is where the Foundation wants to help. Special attention will go to the children of the Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town. With your help the Foundation can support projects and initiate own projects in Cape Town. The Norma Road Primary School and Cricket School of Excellence by Ryan Maron are some examples of projects we are supporting in South Africa. Please take time to visit our website and do not forget to check on how you can help.

Maurits’ family, together with friends, have set up the Maurits van Nierop Foundation to continue the extraordinary character of this beautiful person, who was a fantastic sportsman besides being a beautiful friend. There was never a dull moment with Maurits.

Maurits was born in Capetown, South Africa and loved to play cricket and hockey during his life. The Foundation’s goal is to raise money for African children who don’t have the opportunity and financial means to play sports.

We would like to let poor children get in contact with cricket and hockey by giving clinics or invest in other material aspects.



Sponsorship bringing hope and joy to underpriviledged children.