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1 on 1 Coaching

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05 Dec, 2012 | By ADMIN

Private cricket coaching will allow your child to enjoy personal 1 on 1 attention with one of our CSA qualified coaches. Our coaches will cover specific points of the game with an aim to focus on the more detailed aspects. Batting, bowling, fielding as well as mental aspects of the game are covered in depth.



  • Batting: Front/back foot, error correction, planning , strategy, positive thinking and focus exercises.
  • Bowling: Action, variation, planning , strategy, positive thinking and focus exercises.
  • Fielding and Wicket-Keeping: Catching, ground fielding techniques, anticipation, feet movement & role definition
  • Report: Feedback analysis every term.


Days: Monday – Sunday

Times: 07:00 - 19:00

Options: We do also offer two or three in a group (R440 and R510).  Groups will need to be arranged by parents.

Coaches: Flexible with time, so it’s best to touch base and together we’ll find a suitable time.

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